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We are Official Chelsea Supporters Club Slovenia. Our beginnings go back in the year 2010, when we gathered in Ljubljana Pub called »Beautifull Ball« (Lepa žoga) to watch the game of our beloved football club. At that time the idea about establishing Official Club was made and in the following season 2010/2011 we became Official Chelsea Supporters Club Slovenia.


From the first gathering furhter, we meet on regular basis, mostly at our main location in Domžale (Finale Bar – Vir). We also mark our presence at Stamford Bridge with our banner »IN SLOVENIA WITH CHELSEA«, which hangs below the West Stand Upper.


Basically anyone can become our member, as long as we share the same mindset. At least once a year a group of our members have a privlidge to travel to London and have access to the tickets for the match at Stamford Bridge, which is all part of an Annual Trip. This is an unique opportunity for every real fan.


Individual members of our club go to see the matches several times a year, since they have True Blue membership at Official Chelsea FC, which allows them to buy tickets for the matches more often. Our first Annual Trip happened in 2011, since then we saw our Chelsea play matches against Wigan, Sunerland, Stoke City, West Ham, Crystal Palace, etc. Apart from match our members can go to guided Stadium Tour that includes visiting the press room, home and away dressing rooms, the tunnel, the Museum and also a Trophy Room in which number of trophies is increasing annually.


Our activities also extend outside of London and Slovenia. Therefore on May 19th 2012, 40 of us, the most passionate fans, gathered and went to a Trip to Münich, to see the Champions League Finals between Chelsea and Bayern Münich. We didn't get tickets for the match but we were there, at the »Crime Scene«. We were watching the game on the big screen and when we won after the penalty shootout we were ecstatic. That day couldn't finish in a better way. However, if we are also a bit superstitious, the biggest win happend exactly on the date 19. 05., whose numbers overlap with the year 1905, a year of establishment Chelsea FC.


After an amazing trip to Münich members of our Club integrated even more and some of them became great friends. Almost one year later, precisely on May 15, 2013, group of our club members went to a Trip to Amsterdam, to the Finals of Europa League. Chelsea played against Benfica and this time we celebrate our win in the Pub located along the famous Amsterdam canals.


We socialize a lot even when there are no scheduled matches. Every year we organize two big events. In June, we meet at our Supporters Picnic, we party along with good food and drinks, we measure our strengths in a game of football, table football and at the end of the day we sing cheering songs, listen to the music and dance untill late evening.


Every first Saturday in September we organize Traditional Suppporters Club football tournament. Each tournament is visited by many people and every year there is more Supporters Teams in competition. For good company and joyfull atmosphere is always taken care of.


Since the establishment of our Supporters Club, we had quite a few club events. Journalists from Slovenian television broadcasting companies prepared media reports about us, also several articles were published in magazines, newspapers and internet sites.


We were invited to a friendly football match by the Supporters Club Borrusia Dortmund Slovenia, which was held in Ptuj, we also attended their winter Supporters Club football tournament two years in a row. In years 2015 and 2016 we responded to an invitation of our colleagues from Official Chelsea Supporters Club Croatia and went to Zagreb to their official annual gathering.


We have also set up a Fan Shop. We offer you a variety of cheerleading products to show your loyalty to our Fan Club. The new and interesting range of products are added every year. Untill now T-Shirts (Slovenian Blues) and Supporters scarfs have proved as very succesfull products and have become a real trademark of our Supporters Club. Our members pay less for our official products and they also get discount when purchasing items from our sponsors.


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Each year our Supporters Club gets bigger by the new members. What brings us together is Love and Passion towards Chelsea.

Jasmina Rabrenovič

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